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Is the Deckmate compatible with my accessories, will it damage my Steam Deck, Warranty info, and Install Videos


Is the Deckmate compatible with my accessories?

The Deckmate system is compatible with all docks, and skins, and almost every case. Included in every bundle is both a Deckmate Grip (Steam Deck specific grip) and a Deckmate Adapter (a grip that can adhere to anything). You will need to use the Deck

Will the Deckmate damage my Steam Deck?

Nope! I've gone through quite rigorous testing and it hasn't yet damaged my Steam Deck. Just make sure not to use any of the adhesive mounts directly on your Deck and it will be fine!


We stand behind our products 100%. If you ever have an issue simply send us an email describing the problem (please include images where applicable) and we will mail you a replacement part.

Install Videos

Video how-tos for attaching and installing your Deckmate System